Hands-on workshops and skill-building training sessions are critical both to developing the work of individual organizations and their staffs, and also to evolving entire sectors. We are available to lead teams and networks in the previously developed sessions listed below, or we can work with you to create a custom workshop, training, or webinar.

On-Demand Workshops

Lights, Camera, Action!

Let’s make a video – literally, in this workshop. Perfect for conferences, coalitions, volunteer-led organizations, or smaller non-profits, this nationally acclaimed workshop is designed to demystify the video production process from storyboarding and scripting, to filming, to editing. (1.5 or 2.5 hours)

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Telling Memorable Stories

In our work, we’ve all heard some inspiring stories – and probably thought, “why can’t we do that?” But what makes a great story? And more importantly, what makes for great storytelling? This workshop equips participants with some concrete strategies for engaging listeners with great storytelling. (60 or 90 minutes)

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Network Mapping

Understanding the full reach of your organization can be challenging, but seeing the results mapped out can be immensely rewarding. This facilitated workshop helps identify and visualize connections within your organization that can help amplify messages and generate new partnerships (2 hours).

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It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It

All of us – from program managers to executive directors to PR pros to fundraisers – have faced awkward moments when our well-polished talking points just fall flat in conversation. Effective communication is also how you listen, how you engage, and how you respond to the other person. This highly interactive workshop will provide you with the skills needed to have a dialogue rather than talking past others. (With Karen Strong/Strong Outcomes, 2 hours)

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Joining the Party: Building Audiences through Social Media

Ideal for conferences and coalition settings, this facilitated discussion explores social media strategies and successes for building new audiences. The discussion engages participants by building on the skills and knowledge in the room and prompts participants to brainstorm how these strategies can be applied in their own organizations. (This workshop is designed to be discussion based, but can be formatted towards skills based instruction led by Bold Bison, 60 or 90 minutes)

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Making the Most of Video to Tell Stories

“We need a video for our fundraiser!” OK, now what? Video is an enormous asset for non-profits, but it can be intimidating. One of our most valuable capacity-building and skills-based workshops, this session first helps participants gain an understanding of everything that needs to be managed as part of video production, from the big picture brainstorming to the fine details during filming, then explores the multitude of ways video content can be repurposed in communications, marketing, and fundraising. (90 minutes)

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These are only a few of the many workshops we offer, and we’re always excited to co-develop to your specific needs. Be sure to get in touch and we can help find the right workshop for your needs!

Recent and Upcoming Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Lights! Camera! Action!: Let’s Make a Video

  • Upcoming: Northwest Land Camp, McMinnville, OR, June 2022
  • Upcoming: River Rally, Washington, D.C., June 2022
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, October 2020 (virtual)
  • Delaware River Watershed Initiative Winter Gathering, Blue Bell, PA, February 2020
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, Raleigh, NC, October 2019
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2018
  • Vital Lands Illinois Summit, Champaign, IL, January 2018
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, Denver, CO, October 2017

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Thinking Creatively About Branding

  • Upcoming: Land Trust Alliance Virtual Workshop, June 2022

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: How to Connect with People from All Walks of Life (with Karen Strong of Strong Outcomes)

  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, October 2021 (virtual) (with Elizabeth Ward of the Land Trust Alliance
  • River Rally, May 2021 (virtual)
  • Saving Special Places 2021, New Hampshire, April 2021 (virtual)
  • Connecticut Land Conservation Council, September 2020 (virtual)

Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram Oh My! Making the Most of Videos to Tell Your Stories

  • Land Trust Alliance Virtual Workshop, April 2021

Great Nature: A Series on North American Conservation and the National Parks of the United States (Brandon Hayes)

  • Amis de la Bibliothèque Américaine/Friends of the American Library, Nancy, France, February-March 2021 (virtual)

Ambassador Training: Better Word-of-Mouth Marketing (with Andy Robinson of Train Your Board)

  • The Nonprofit Association of Oregon, March 2021 (virtual)
  • Maine Association of Nonprofits, October 2020 (virtual)

At Ease: Art and Nature for Veterans (with Catherine Game of Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods)

  • Wild Things Conference, February 2021 (virtual)
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, October 2020 (virtual)

Nature Stories and How to Tell Them

  • The Conservation Foundation, December 2020 (virtual)

This Land Is Our Land: Making a Stronger Case for Conservation

  • River Rally, May 2020 (virtual)
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, Raleigh, NC, October 2019
  • Vital Lands Illinois Summit, Champaign, IL, February 2019
  • Land Trust Alliance Rally, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2018

Joining the Party: How to Authentically Build Audiences through Social Media

  • Land Trust Alliance Virtual Workshop, March 2020

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Conservation

  • Prairie State Conservation Coalition, Starved Rock State Park, IL, February 2020

Sharing Memorable Stories (Plenary Session)

  • Delaware River Watershed Initiative Winter Gathering, Blue Bell, PA, February 2020