Building Movements Through Bolder Communications

There has never been a more important time to be communicating boldly about your mission.

Building Movements Through Bolder Communications

There has never been a more important time to be communicating boldly about your mission.

Building Movements Through Bolder Communications

There has never been a more important time to be communicating boldly about your mission.

About Bold Bison

Expanding Capacity in the Sector

Bold Bison Communications and Consulting provides forward-thinking communications solutions, engaging strategy and facilitation services, and inspiring workshops and trainings for nonprofits, particularly in the conservation, climate, and local food movements, as well as the arts and cultural institutions.

Our Services

Connecting Communications & Strategy

We firmly believe that communications is more than just thinking creatively about how to get the word out. At a fundamental level, it requires strategic thinking about the work of your organization.

Understanding the Space

Bold Bison unites our experience in nonprofit communications and strategy with our perspective on the sector to help you identify the opportunities for your organization and articulate your work in the space.

Facilitation and Trainings

Our team has a national reputation for developing impactful and thought-provoking workshops. These trainings can help you build new skills, work more efficiently, or think about your work in a new way.

Capacity Building Support

Through tailored and actionable planning, strategy sessions, and skill-building workshops and trainings, we make sure you’re fully prepared, confident, and energized to activate our recommendations.

Direct Marketing Services

When extra capacity is needed, Bold Bison offers a variety of direct support services including video and media production, website and strategic message development, and email and social media marketing.

Rethinking the Issues

Bold Bison brings our deep experience in nonprofits and rich sector knowledge to help transform the way organizations think and communicate about their work.

Changing the Face of Lake County

In 2021, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods reshaped their narrative to better acknowledge their core values: centering community partnerships, amplifying voices of environmental justices, and prioritizing frontline communities in their work.

A New Future for Local Food

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chicago Region Food System Fund formed quickly to address hunger and reprioritize a more equitable future for the regional food system.

Messing With Texas

Bold Bison is currently engaged in Texas to help think through strategies that land trusts can deploy to build a greater case of support by making a stronger case for conservation across the state.

Trusted Expertise

Our team brings nearly three decades of combined experience in nonprofit communications, marketing, and fundraising, with expertise in supporting conservation and climate advocacy, local food movements, and arts & cultural organizations. 

Our Approach

A Common Sense Approach to Communications

We bring a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to thinking about audiences, the best ways to reach them, and most importantly, the strategies that are reasonable and manageable for the talent and capacity within your organization.

Meeting You Where You’re At

With nearly 30 years of shared experience in non-profit communications, we can firmly say we’ve been there. From fundraisers to volunteer recruitment, Congressional advocacy to social media strategy, public-private partnerships, coalitions, and everything in between, we appreciate your unique challenges and lend our expertise to every project.

Boosting Confidence, Clarity, and Capacity

Through the collaborative and facilitated process we bring to each project, we will help you see things from a fresh perspective, think deeply about how to put the pieces together in a different way, and provide the tools, trainings, and tips to lift confidence and capacity within your organization.

Helping Move the Sector Forward

Our years in the sector have not only provided rich first hand experience in nonprofit communications and strategy, but also shaped our perspective on the work of these movements. We will help you identify, bolster, and lean into those programs and outreach strategies that can genuinely move the work of the sector forward while serving as a national model for partners.

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