Bold Bison is excited to offer some of our most popular workshops as webinars this fall. In this series, we’ll address some of the common and pressing challenges nonprofits are facing today. Our first session will cover the basics of branding, explore strategies to refresh your brand without a total overhaul, and offer considerations on when it might be time for a full rebrand.

In October, Shouting Into the Void will take a deep dive on why your social media reach isn’t what it used to be and brainstorm strategies for where you can rebuild community offline. Finally, our November session will share some tools for helping your readers and listeners better retain the message at the heart of your stories.

There is no charge for these – we hope to see you at one or all of them this fall! Register for each below.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Making the Most of Your Brand
Wednesday, September 27 | 1-2:30pm (CT)


Between the impacts of climate change, a focus on equity, and the ongoing pandemic, many organizations have fundamentally evolved how they approach their work. As a result, they’re often left feeling like their 10+ year-old branding just doesn’t quite reflect what they do for communities. Sound familiar? This thought-provoking workshop will unpack the basics of branding, help you assess your own brand, and provide a frame for considering a brand refresh within your organization.

Shouting Into the Void: Why Social Media Is No Longer Working For You and What to Do About It
Tuesday, October 24 | 1-2:30pm (CT) 


For nearly two decades, social media has been an invaluable asset for nonprofits to evolve the way they communicate, and many of us have invested years of our professional lives honing our social media skills to increase our reach online. But lately, those tried and true strategies don’t seem to be working; the audiences you’ve amassed don’t seem to be engaging with posts. 

It’s not just you. Everyone is seeing it because the platforms are rotting. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have gotten us this far, and while it’s not yet time to say goodbye, it’s definitely time to consider deprioritizing your social strategy – and imagining what you could do instead.

Telling Memorable Stories 
Wednesday, November 29 | 1-2:30pm (CT)


In our work, we’ve all heard some inspiring stories – and thought, “why can’t we do that?” But what makes a great story? And more importantly, what makes for great storytelling? This workshop equips you with strategies for engaging listeners with great storytelling.

For more information on our workshops or to book a workshop(s) for your organization, please contact our team!